Posted by Jack Shepherd

You should receive invitations for immunisations automatically at the appropriate times. If, however, you do not receive one, please contact the clinic.

Antenatal Care
Our community midwives work closely with the local District General Hospital and provide antenatal care for pregnant women. Full support, advice and the usual midwifery services in the patients' homes are provided.

Flu Vaccinations
A regular vaccinations against the 'flu virus is held usually in late Autumn. We recommend the elderly and people with chronic lung disease and chronic heart disease have the vaccination. Please book your vaccination at the reception desk around late September.

Family Planning
The doctors, with support of the practice nurses (see other staff) provide a comprehensive range of family planning services. For contraceptive advice please book an appointment to see your doctor or the Practice Nurse.

Well Woman Clinic
This is run by the practice nurses (appointments can be made directly with the practice nurse). Advice is given on general health matters, contraception and menopause. Also cervical smears, breast examination, blood check, urine test etc can be carried out.

Well Man Clinic
This clinic is also run by the practice nurses for general health advice and appropriate tests eg blood pressure check, urine check etc.

Diabetic Clinic
The clinic sees all diabetics for assessment, advice and appropriate treatment and is run weekly by the practice nurse and your doctor.

Counselling Service
The surgery offers a counselling service run by a fully qualified psychologist for depression, stress etc. Patients need to see their doctor first who will then refer them, if appropriate.

Dermatology Clinic
A special "skin clinic" is run twice per month by a doctor with a special interest in dermatology who visits the surgery to see and treat cases referred by the doctors.

As well as treatment from their own doctor, patients with hypertension are monitered and advised by the practice nurse.

Heart Disease Prevention Clinic
Appropriate advice is given, tests carried out and regular checks done for those at risk of heart disease, by the practice nurse. For more information contact the practice nurse directly or see your doctor.

Weight Reducing
If you are concerned about your weight and would like to lose some, contact the practice nurse who offers support.